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Five years have passed since the dark master was defeated. The world has been in peice ever since. But there was an event before the rain of Malefore, this event took the form of a very special being, the purple peacock. The peacocks were the only species other than the dragons who had a purple being. But this Peacock was a warrior king, who attempted to take over Avalar using his powers, and a war ensued ever after. The war raged for five years, untill the peacock king was deafeated, and his people banished to the never reaches. But the peacock king had a son, who was also purple, who would suceed his father and take the throne. All of this happened forty years ago.  

"Urgent news for the king!" the messenger shouted across the palace courtyard.The messenger ran across the courtyard untill he was stopped by a royal guard, "I am sorry but you cannot enter" the guard put his wing on the messengera arm, "You will have to come back later. The messanger brushed the guards wing off him, "This message is from the general, the army is ready" the messenger said. The guards eyes widened, he then opened the door.

Inside, the room was dark, and bitterly cold, "You have a message for me a gather" a voice called from the other side of the room, the tone was powerfull and persuasive. "Yes you highness, it is from your brother" the messenger said, "Very good, leave it on the floor and you may go" the voice ordered. The messenger lay the letter on the floor and hurried out of the room. "So it is time", out of the shadow of the room walked a purple peacock, he wore a red robe and as he walked the sound of metal clanged across the room.

He picked it up and carfully read the contense and smiled, "Preparations are complete, it is time". The king then walked out of the dark throne room and out into the brilliant sun shine. His purple feathers gleamed, showing his improtance. He walked over to the balcony and he looked over. "My loyal followers, my father attempted to take this world once before, now we shall attempt it once again......but this time....we...shall..suceed!"
A chorous of voices screamed out, "LONG LIVE THE KING!". He smiled, "Go my army, and conqour avalar!".

The grass swayed in the mejestic breeze, Spyro and Cynder were spending some time by themselves, to rest after a great battle. Prometheus went to go and see the his best friend Lynx in the cheetah village. When he got there, the village was emptey. Prometheus looked around the whole village, but there was nothing, not a soul. Then Prometheus noticed a letter, hung one the support of a hut. Prometheus read the piece of paper,  "War is coming" he said to himself. "I had better get back to warfang" he said and he flew off.

Prometheus had been flying for a couple of hours now, when he noticed something in the distance, it was a little village. He flew lower to see the village was completley destoyed, "What is going on" Prometheus said. He then noticed several more plooms of smoke in the distance, they were more villages on fire. Prometheus knew that he had to find his brother and tell him what has happened.

But then Prometheus saw something come up hehind him, he looked around to a void, there was nothing there. He then looked in front to see the city of warfang was safe, but then a fealing washed over him, "Crystal,Avion,Dracora i have to make sure they are safe!"
Prometheus changed course to Dracora, to check on his frends. He then hw suddenly felt weak, as of somthing powerful was coming. He was so weak he had to stop flying and walk the rest of the way.

It was now knight, Prometheus felt even more weak. "What is coming" he whispered.
Suddenly he saw the main wall of Dracora, and hurried towards it. He then stopped and ghasped. Much of the city lay in ruin,Prometheus collapsed, "No....." he stuttered. He then looked at the council building, it had been completley destroyed. "Crystal, Avion.....any body!" Prometheus shouted. No one answered back. Prometheus looked into the distance, "There gone.....maybe they escaped" Prometheus wiped his eyes, "I have to get back to Warfang" he said. But he could not fly, so he walked all the way back.

Prometheus got back to warfang, he went staight to the main hall. Cyril was there. The white and blue dragon looked at prometheus, "Why are you here?" he asked. Prometheus looked at Cryil, "By the ancestors, you dont look well young one" cyril said. Prometheus looked around, "is Crystal here?" he asked, Cyril looked around, "I am sorry Prometheus, she is not". Prometheus then collasped on the floor, Cyril ran to his side shocked, "fetch Spryo and cynder at once!" he called. Prometheus lay on the floor, his gold scales were now dark.

Prometheus woke up in a room, "By draco, where am I!" he shouted. Spyro came into room, "Are you ok?" he asked. Prometheus nodded, "Where is Crystal" he asked. Spyro looked away, "I... dont know brother". Prometheus looked at him, "She...... cant be....not her"

Prometheus walked out of the room, He could not accept that Crystal could be dead. But at the same time, he saw the rubble. Prometheus suddenly felt weak again, "Brother!" he shouted, Spyro rushed to his brother. Prometheus was holding the limp and lifeless body of crystal.  
part 1 of the Legacy of Spyro series, The peacock king is beginning his attack, and Crystals life hangs in the balance.
Hope you like my first original Spyro story.
To be continued.
Spyro the dragon and all related characters are owned by sierra.
Prometheus, Crystal and Peacock king are owned by me.
Please do not copy.
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